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Hand-crafted historic lodge with "the best view of the lake"

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Why We Invited Clearwater Lake Lodge

Clearwater Lake Lodge is a historic landmark on the pristine Minnesota Boundary Waters. Its rich historic legacy dates back over a hundred years when prospectors worked the Gunflint Trail hoping to find gold. Charlie Boostrom was hired by a prospector in 1909 to help haul his packs, map his route, and do other chores. While gold was never found, for Charlie it was the Gunflint Trail and the Minnesota Boundary Waters that were the real treasure. Charlie stayed in the area, becoming the region’s first outfitter by offering guided hunting and fishing trips. By 1915 Charlie and his wife Petra bought their own piece of land (which according to Charlie was “the best view on the entire lake”) and opened Clearwater Lake Lodge. From the lodge’s original log structures and the stories that are still shared, to Petra’s recipes which are still served up each day, the guests of Clearwater become part of history as they enjoy the natural beauty of the BWCA.

Historic Legacy

Listed on the National Historic Registry, Clearwater Lodge is the oldest and largest hand-hewn freestanding whole log structure in the region. Each log was hewn by axe, and once positioned, holes were drilled by hand (before the days of power tools). A wooden peg was inserted to hold the log snugly in place. Four of Charlie’s original cabins are still used as beautiful, rustic rentals. His original, hand-crafted log furniture,is still used today, including the dining room table where morning breakfasts are still served. The Boostrom’s granddaughter continues to bake the lodge’s famous fruit pies using Petra’s 97-year-old recipe, carefully hand-shaving the lard for their delectable pie crusts, just like Petra did. Old photographs of the Boostrom family still hang on the lodge walls, giving one the sense that Petra and Charlie are overseeing things and making sure guests feel welcome.

Experienced Outfitters

Relaxing in the welcoming, historic lodge and enjoying the natural beauty of the area from a chair on the wrap-around porch is perfectly acceptable. Most guests, however, want a bit of adventure, and many come so they can explore the wonders of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. In continuing with Charlie’s legacy, Clearwater is staffed with experts who know everything there is to know about the surrounding lakes. As outfitters, they’ll help you plan your day’s adventures and equip you with all the gear you need; any necessary permits, transportation, and tips on where the fish are biting. Guest accommodations include a variety of options to meet almost any need and length of stay, including cabins, guest suites, and bed & breakfast rooms.